The CURAL WE UV drying system is setting new standards.

State-of-the-art tools both research and development have been used in its design. Water cooled extrusion and Electronic Ballast works as an excellent combination in low power consumption and high UV output. Equipped with Di-Chroic coated reflector ensure minimum heat and maximum UV output.

SUBA CURAL WE UV Curing system consists of water cooled Interdeck, End Of Press, UV hood with Electronic Ballast and Touch Monitor.

UV Light Irradiator

  1. Extruded Aluminum Hood, with water cooled system.
  2. Shutter type system for open/close during impression on/off. Water cooled shutter for efficient heat transfer
  3. Dichroic mirror reflector for UV lamps for more efficiency and cold UV.
  4. Air suction detection high temperature cut off and shutter position detection.
  5. Air pressure detector for individual hood.
  6. Single Lock connectors for Easy removal.

Inter Deck UV Hood


Electronic UV Ballast

Suction Blower

Internal Components of UV system
electronic control adopt imported
well-known brands.

  Control Panel

Touch Monitor

Touch Monitor

Single Lock Connectors for Electrical,
Pneumatic and quick lock for water

    Lamp Power Comparison between Transformer System and Electronic Ballast System







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