Gluing Section

  • Gluing section consists of the chrome-plated glue roller, glue separation plate, side guide and gluing mould
  • The gluing section can be pulled out easily for setting and cleaning
  • The glue separation plate is adjustable to control the amount and area of glue
  • If the machine stops, the cylinder will lift the glue roller and then driven by another motor to avoid leaking of glue

Punching & Scoring Section(optional)

  • Creasing section is equipped with independent wheels for creasing
  • There is an independent roller heated by oil to flatten the curved plastic film
  • Equipped with corner cutting system controlled by servo to make the plastic film smooth
  • Equipped with micro-adjustment system

Feeder and Feeding Section

  • Equipped with lower belt feeding system, with the choice of option which is piling lifting system and belt lifting system. The characteristic of the belt lifting system is high speed thus increasing capacity. The characteristic of the piling lifting system is that the feeding belt can be run continuously while boxes can go through the upward/downward movable piling lifting system. This piling lifting system is flexible in capable of feeding different boxes without scratching the boxes.
  • Our feeding system design is an advance technology. Synchronous belt feeder is equipped with suction system. At the chain adjusting section there are four feeding chains.
  • There is a feeding gate at the feeder which allows you to adjust upper rail without additional tool. This upper rail is made to flat steel and is connected to the middle part of the frame. This system is reliable which ensure the registration of rail, cardboard and chain is accurate. Even when there is serious jam,the position is precise and you can use micro-adjustment to adjust.

Window patching section

  • Boxes are delivered from the gluing section to the window patching section by suction. Suction is run individually and registered by sensor. When there is blank sheet, the suction table will go down to avoid sticking of glue on the belt.
  • Operator can adjust the volume of suction air according to the size of the box.
  • The suction cylinder is made of special material. It is smooth so that the speed of patching is high and there will be no scratch on the plastic film.
  • When the knife cylinder is rolling, it intercrosses with another fixed knife bar and hence cutting the plastic film like "scissors". The cutting edge is flat and smooth.
  • The knife cylinder is with adjustable blowing or suction system to ensure the plastic film is patched on the window of the box accurately.

Delivery Section

  • The belt at the delivery section is wide. Operator can adjust the height of the belt and the finished products are aligned in a straight line
  • The speed of the belt at delivery section is synchronized with machine speed


Model/specificationSingle streamDouble stream
Max.sheet size(Single up)(W)1000 x (L)600 mm(W)400 x (L)600 mm
Max.sheet size(Double up)(W)1000 x (L)300 mm(W)400 x (L)300 mm
Min.sheet size(W)100 x (L)150 mm
Max.window size(W)700 x (L)400 mm(W)240 x (L)400mm
Min.window size(W)30 x (L)50 mm
Paper thicknesscardboard:200gr/m² ~ 2.000gr/m²
corrugated board:from micro-flute ~ 3mm thickness
Film thickness0.03-0.2mm
Machine dimension(L) 5510 x (W) 2030(3120) x (H) 1280mm
Machine weight3800kg
Main machine -23kwPunching & Scoring - 4kwOil heater - 10kw
Speed Single up 9000 Pcs/Hour 15000 Pcs/Hour
   Max.Carton Height-300mm
30000 Pcs/Hour
   Max.Carton Height-300mm   

Window Patching Machine

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