Plasma surface treatment improves the surface energy of any substrate such as films, plastics, paper etc. This increased surface energy improves the surface receptiveness and increases adhesion to adhesives, inks, coatings , painting etc. It also helps in cleaning the surface.
    Plasma treater is used in wide rage of application like
  1. Folder gluers where adhesion of glue is improved.
  2. Plastic materials where coating and printing adhesion is improved
  3. In automobiles for gluing of Head Light housing , Door beading, Brake lining, Seat pasting, etc.

FR50D Plasma Features:

  • Simple and user friendly.
  • Variable power levels.
  • Auto On/off suitable for any system.
  • Digital Panel control.
  • Stainless steel Guns for longer life.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Heavy duty high voltage transformer suitable for indian conditions.
  • Optional air blower available.


Technical Details

Input voltageAC 220V / 230V, 50Hz/60Hz
Working frequency18-25KHz
Output power500W-1000W
Treating width10mm,15mm
Treating materialsBopp,MetPet,Matt,Pet,Pvc,Aqua Coat Paper etc.
Machine dimension490mm x 165mm x 400mm

Plasma for Folder Gluer Application:

Plasma for Folder Gluer Application:

Plasma for Plastic Material Application:

Plasma for Automobile Application:

Plasma for Pharma Application:

Plasma for Mobile Application:

How Plasma treater works?

Plasma treater blows charged electrons on the substrate to clean, etch and improve surface property. Surface energy of the substrate increase in the focused area.

Does Plasma treater change the surface appearance?

There is visually no change in the appearance of the surface that is been treated. The blown ions only change the energy of the surface and do not disorient the object.

Can Plasma treater be used in any kind of machine or process?

The Plasma treater nozzles are narrow and focused which helps it reach in any location and fits into any process. By using suitable attachments and even automation such as robotics, it can be used in any kind of process.

Can Plasma treater be positioned in any direction?

Yes, it can be positioned in any direction.

How do we test the effects of Plasma treater?

A simple form of testing treated surface is to use a Dyne pen

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